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3 Reasons Why to Outsource Your BP Claims after the Claim Submission Deadline

The deadline for submitting BP claims for businesses and individuals affected by Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill was June 8, 2015. This was under a Court-Approved Settlement. Submitting BP claims is not easy and you most probably need professional assistance to do it successfully. If you seek assistance from experienced professionals like MYBPCLAIM.COM, part of IT Strategies Group(ITSG) you will get your BP claims faster and conveniently. You will also get good money from your claim. Nevertheless, you need to outsource BP claim after claim submission deadline for the following major reasons.

1. Deadline prevents submission of new claims
The BP claim submission deadline prevents submission of new claims. It also prevents the existing claimants from submitting fresh claims or resubmitting their claims. That simply means that there are no “do overs” for the claims. Once your BP claim is appealed or denied, you will not get a second chance for re-filling the claim.

2. The process of filing BP claims is not user-friendly
The initial intention was to make BP claims filing process user-friendly. Nevertheless, statistics show that this process is not simple. By June 12, 2015, out of the 258,833 BP claims where the claim administrator had issued a notice, 42,756 came back with incompleteness notices. 51,501 had incompleteness notices for denial. This simply means that the process of filing BP claim and appealing in case of an incomplete notice is not ease. Thus, it is highly advisable that you outsource BP claim after the claim submission deadline to get professional assistance.

3. After-submission assistance
In most cases, BP claims are denied on the ground of incompleteness. Even when the BP claims administrator approves the claims, BP can appeal or request that claims be awarded minimal or reduced claim. BP can also appeal that the claim be denied altogether. Nevertheless, as a claimant, you are entitled the right to fight back or defend the given award. This is not easy and it requires skills and experience. Whenever there is a sufficiently large amount of money to be exchanged, resistance from the losing party is expected. Therefore, you need to outsource your claim after the submission deadline to ensure that you get the claim settlement that you deserve.
BP has established a large professional team that advocates for it. It is therefore logical that you also have your own advocate for your denied or appealed claim. Even when you get help from an accountant it is still important to have the right experts work with you. That’s why you should contact MYBPCLAIM.COM for professional assistance at 866-605-2801