3 Ways to Get Paid Faster by the BP Claim Settlement Administration
bp claim payment
Getting paid by the BP claim settlement administration seems like it may require you to go through a court process. However, due to the overwhelming and lasting impact that the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe of 2010 is having on the Gulf Coast Economies, processing stays, court appeals and inadequate human resources at DHECC, there are delays in claim payment. Additionally, if your claim has discrepancies, it can be turned over to fraud, abuse and waste without receiving careful consideration by DHECC. Fortunately, you can avoid this and have your BP claim paid faster through one of these three ways.

1. Talk to MYBPCLAIM.COM, part of IT Strategies Group
An increasing number of frustrated attorneys and CPA’s are contacting MYBPCLAIM.COM for help. This is after realizing that they need a forensic approach so that they can flesh out the economic losses while ensuring that no stone is left untouched. This is the only way to get claims settled faster and moiré accurately. Today, MYBPCLAIM.COM has settled more than $2 billion in the Deepwater Horizon claims. It also has oil claim calculator software that can be used by clients on its site. If you have a BP claim that is yet to be settled, now is the time to contact MYBPCLAIM.Com for help. Your will have experienced professionals work hard on your claim so that you can get a favorable and quick settlement. MYBPCLAIM.COM works completely on contingency and you will never be asked for money. This means that if no claim is collected for you, you do not pay anything.

2. Seek help of the right attorney
This is the second option. If you option to get an attorney, you can have your BP claim settled within 60 days. However, this does not happen with all cases though it is very common. In most cases, the settlement is faster than you can have your claim settled by without representation. Generally, the Settlement Administration delays claims processing and payments due to excessive volume and bottlenecks in their processes.

3. Work with a good CPA
You can also opt to work with CPA on your BP claim. However, this is also the same as working with an attorney and most of them are reaching out to MYBPCLAIM.COM, part of IT Strategies Group, for assistance.

Generally, getting paid by the BP claim settlement administration requires skills knowledge and experience. It also calls for teamwork. That is why an independent attorney or CPA may not help you get your BP claim paid faster. MYBPCLAIM.COM is currently recommended by most attorneys and CPAs as the best way to get paid faster.
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