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Realize The Potential In Your BP Claims Portfolio
ITSG, developers of the industry-leading software, Oil Claim Calculator is offering consultations and claims assistance with stalled & complicated cases.

If Your BP Claim Has Stalled in Accounting Review, Give Us a Call Today for Action!!

1. ITSG staff are experts in the Settlement Agreement and advise law and CPA firms daily.
2. ITSG will provides proactive assistance to resolve stubborn delays and improper denials.
3. ITSG helps you stay several steps ahead of the DeepWater Horizon & BP accountants
reviewing their work and appeals for a successful conclusion to claims.

Delaying Your Decision To Call Us Today May Be Putting Your Claim At Risk! Don’t Wait For Re-Reviews, Re-Considerations or Appeals. Be Proactive & Think Steps Ahead of Deepwater Horizon.

Services Offered Are Contingent On Recovery.

Contact: David Herman at 954-271-1264 or by responding to this email. 
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